Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Messenger's Fate Hasn't Changed

The bitter truth can't compete with a beautiful lie.

You can't take on a sociopath because it is an intricately-veiled
massive deceit they have constructed. People like the illusion
they project.

They will hate you for speaking against the object of their affection,
for trying to 'undermine' their relationship, for making them question
someone/something that makes them feel so good, for inferring that
the listener/receiver isn't smart enough to have figured this out for
themselves--or that they were dumb enough to be fooled in the first
place, etc.

The messenger does always get shot.

You will not only give the socio/narc a chance to play the victim
in public, garnering more sympathy, but you will draw attention
to yourself and be targeted for further problems from the socio.
And you will become a social pariah because the charm of the
socio is very inspiring of loyalty in people.

Their fiction is bulletproof.

So before you think of taking on a narc's illusions publicly,
think about how defensive you would be if someone tried to
sully something you cherished. A narc's facade is all they
have...and they go to great lengths to create a serious bond
with their source.

The response is about as good as confrontational religious
remarks at a dinner party.

It's not about whether or not they deserve to be taken down
and exposed; it's about the likelihood of it happening, and
keeping yourself from suffering even further loss and difficulty.

People love their fictions.
They love their illusions.
They love being ignorant and oblivious.
People say they want the truth, but they really don't.

Most of them would rather stay in the dark than be forced to
swallow a bitter pill they aren't ready for. It's hard to see all
that invested time, energy, and trust go up in smoke; people
get crazy when the shit hits the fan. Don't get caught in the middle,
unless you're especially invested in the well-being of potential