Monday, February 27, 2012

Sifting and Selection

 There's a natural selection within our newer, supposedly
improved, modern civilized world. It's a process that leads
to a top-heavy, sociopath packed, abundance of ne'er-do-
wells at the top of the mountain.

Sociopaths are less likely to give clues as to guilt, and have
no empathy to trip them up, and are therefore less likely
of being discovered of being guilty of crimes. Of those they
considered guilty of, they have designed their cover so well
that the people around them cannot come to believe any
wrong-doing. They are wily and cunning, and can sneak
through any cracks, connive any law man, convince any sap
to lie/cheat/steal or take the rap for them.

If that doesn't work, they can buy off the best lawyers
(and be very smug about their ability to get away with their
deeds by using the system. "Too bad for the rest.")
They can charm and finagle their way into a jury's minds
and sell their B.S. from start to finish. Might even convince
a hardened judge that he himself was the guilty party.

If they should, by some off chance, get to prison, they will
have everyone wrapped around their little fingers by using
their psychological insights and being a chameleon, adapting
to every single personality they come across. Opportunism
is not slowed in prison.

But this is not the likely end result for a narcissist, the careful
planners and shrewd manipulators.

Prison is a way of weeding out the less effective, the less
hardened, less connected, less intelligent, the less charming,
the less ruthless, the more gullible. With the posers and the
wannabees cramped up with incarceration, there is less
competition for the true sociopaths; they are then able to
rise as the cream of the crop.

Either true talent or unbelievable luck keeps the worst of
the narcissists free, but even with luck, the act of simply
getting away with it blows up a sociopath's ego. The longer
they go on uncontested, unstopped, the more invincible and
superior they imagine themselves, and the more lines they cross.

Confidence, boldness, and condescension grows, intimidation
tactics worsen, they believe their own hype, and a super-virus
is born. A virulent hyper-magnified strain, seemingly unstoppable.
Further honing their skills and accomplishment, always needing
to amp their game and test their abilities, never satisfied with
their last conquest.

And on it goes....


Chicken or the Egg?

Just the other day I found myself in a discussion with
someone wondering the same thing I have; Is the
preponderance of powerful people with narcissism
indicative of those folks being drawn to those positions,
or do people become that way after becoming involved
in high level jobs/positions?

I think, really, it's rather a  moot point. The reality seems
easily evidenced that there is a direct correlation between
sociopathy and power.

It's safe to say that people who want constant approval
and accolades are going to be drawn to high stakes and
high rewards work.

Also easy to note that manipulators and con men and liars
do very well in politics, the boardroom, and the church.

So is it safe to say that these high-ranking positions of
control are tailor-made for someone who only mimics
human emotion but is not bound by it? That the ability
to separate from other people and work tirelessly on a
fanaticized goal is actually of benefit to those who manage
and puppeteer things at the top?

The fighting spirit, the ruthlessness, the 'by any means
necessary' attitude which has come to be synonymous with
corporate greed and commercialism is now the American
pass time. Tough choices, nonplussed by decisions, never
apologizing...these all suit a business person well.

And 'not looking back' certainly helps a sociopath get
ahead. Even if there was a chance they'd feel remorse
when looking back to see all the damage left in their wake.

The common thread in the leaders of our superficially
ideal society is that a pretty face is put on things while the
dark and insane realities of the inner workings makes a
hot dog production line look pleasant. Churches, law
enforcement, government, politics, business, and all the
rest have a selfish, devious, cunning approach to making
sure their agenda is done, and those being imposed upon
think it was actually their own idea!

So, did the people create the system, or did the system

create the people? And how on earth do we get out from
under this self-perpetuating monstrosity?


Narcissistic Parents

By Any Other Name

You might can imagine several other possible blog names for this site;

By Any Means Unnecessary.
The Beautiful Lie.
Me, Myself, and I.
They Who Know No Other.
Dead Inside.
Liars, Cons, & Users.
The Hollow Reflection.
Human Quicksand.
(and many, many more.)

It seems that narcissists and sociopaths are multiplying.

Maybe it's the times; perhaps after TV and film
fascination with such characters, people are emulating 
them in greater numbers. Maybe it's just a matter of
being more openly discussed. Perhaps the media-based
generations have allowed us to access one another
and compare notes on Tricky Bastards where once
we might just have considered these folks "ladies men"
or "good businessmen" or, just as likely, "successful."

Here's where I will reveal the tactics of the sociopath
and do my best to share how to spot them, how to keep
from being used and abused by one, how to strengthen
yourself, and how to recuperate from having known one