Thursday, September 6, 2012


Sociopaths are Masters of the flourish, providing a torrent
of special attention and excitement that their charm and
manipulation make seem as real as your own breath.
In the face of all these enhanced emotions and 'perfect' human
response, little else can compare (which is, after all, exactly
the point.)
That attention and kindness most of us seek for a lifetime
(or, conversely, never imagined could possibly be real) is
there in front of you, hand-delivered, and specially tailored.
But it isn't real. It's a facade. A scam.
Temporary insanity. And the kind of fantasy that makes
real life disappointing to come back to. (Which is one reason
people make excuses to stay with a narcissist; because the
roller coaster ride isn't always down, and the thrill of it all is
The relationship is not just sick in one direction; it is a
symbiotic unhealthy relation. There is a desperation and a
neediness inherent in the relationship between socio and
victim; almost a reversal of the one between host and

Beyond the bill of goods, beyond the trance, beyond the
romanticization of even their pain and sickness, there
is truth. The sickly, neurotic, dangerous, hurtful truth that
must be confronted and accepted before detachment is


Saturday, September 1, 2012

Which One Do You Feed?

Because the grip and pull of the sociopath has been set up so
insidiously, once it's activated (which is generally the only time
many of us even begin to notice that 'something's not right,')
it can be difficult to come to terms with reality in the midst of
such a convincing illusion.

This is what is commonly referred to as a narcissist/sociopath's
'crazy-making' abilities. Their explanations are so good, so
quickly produced, so plentiful, and so convincing that you end up
not quite sure if your persistent, irritating unease is legitimate...
or you're confused.

Making you question yourself is what they do.

The truth, the bottom line, the unavoidable reality is that this
person who has marked you as a plaything is a horrible human
being. Get your head wrapped around that.

It doesn't matter how great an Academy Award-winning performance
they give in attesting to their concern for you, or how traumatic their
childhood was.

It doesn't matter what the balance of lies to truths is.

It doesn't matter at all what they promise or plead or explain.

They're 100% Bad News and you are not responsible for anyone
on this planet outside of self, especially when that person is a red-hot,
toxic, steaming mess.

There's a lot of bad in the world. You are not required to be harmed
by it. By spending time with a sociopath, you are actively choosing
your own downfall. There certainly isn't room enough for both of you
to thrive, or survive.