Friday, April 26, 2013

"Zero. Zero Fucks Given."

Kids who pretend to be Trayvon Martin,
dead on the a 'joke.'

Kids who witness--and participate in--rape
and then pass the film of said rape around
like a chain e-mail. And justify their actions.
And express outrage at being inconvenienced
by legal actions brought about by their evil.

Kids who spend more time desensitizing on a
p.c. than dealing with other humans.
Who relish the bloodthirsty actions of a
game, and watch deadly images endlessly
at a time when the judgement centers of their
brains haven't developed.

Harassment and bullying and deception
via social media tools. Playing with people's emotions,
'catfishing,' fake-flirting with lonely kids,
spreading rumors.

Thugs. Rapists. Connivers. Cheats.
Assailants. Murderers. Torturers.
Excessive and dangerous 'pranks.'

This is our culture, now; our new normal.

It's who we--en masse-- have become, even as the
polar  opposite facade of being
well-mannered and socially well-connected
is maintained.

This is how we live; A world of sick, duplicitous,
self-condoning, mercenary, shameless, excuse-
making, justify-my-shit-at-all-costs world of disgusting
liars and thieves.

Coddled endlessly, given access to
everything, exposed to all manner of depravity--and,
conversely, neglected and unsupervised by equally
self-absorbed care-givers who are not developing
and exhibiting nurturing, caring traits.

IN a world devoid of personal connection,
how could we expect any other result to


Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Rewards

"Strap yourself in, ya tired old bitch!
I've got Nine whole god damned

Circles in this fiery inferno to
give you the tour of!
Who knew conservative politics
was the wrong way to go!?!?"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wheel Keeps on Spinning

The Wheel of Life
 People who say hopeful and blissful and meditative silly shit
like "Let's focus on the good in the world," and "Nobody's all
bad," or "so-and-so is just misunderstood," or "There's hope for
the human race," do NOT feel that way or say those things
because they really believe it or because it's true.

They say them because if we acknowledge in our inner self the
true sick, twisted, depraved, reprobate, decrepit nature of
this race of vulturous, duplicitous, sacks of shit we are, we'd all
be too god damned depressed and suicidal to go on or function.

And it's the ones who act the nicest or the most above-it-all
that you most have to watch out for. The inability to trust or
believe or have faith in those who are selling a positive image
that we believe in is some soul-devouring shit. So most keep
believing the lies even after they've been proven false.

We just so desperately need a beautiful lie, a false promise to
hold onto. Thieves, con men, sadists, crazy people; that's
what this world offers. But those guys are not the ones who
take you by surprise; mostly you see them coming. It's the ones
who smile and cajole and play the friend or show compassion
as a lover that gain special access to do the most damage.

And there's enough variety of insidious bullshit that you can live a
hundred years and not see all the many ways it hides and manifests
itself. Which is of course why people gloss over it...ignore it....
make light of it....and frame it as pardonable, insignificant, and
harmonious, changeable.

Cuz it sure as shit ain't...and that's a deal breaker.