Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Perfect Fit

Sociopaths tend towards spousal and child abuse (when they
have set their sights on long-term relationships.) Since their own
needs reign supreme, they have no interest in the needs of
others, making the escalation to emotional and physical abuse
an easy one.

They're unaware of and unconcerned with others, and they can
justify their own actions at every turn.

And, after having committed an act of abuse, they utilize the victim's
own codependency--which they depended on to manipulate their
vic into a vulnerable position to begin with--to convince them that
they were to blame!

The predator convinces his/her vic that the socio's needs trump the
pain and hurt of the victim. The sense of superiority and deservedness
of the sociopath is reestablished, and the socio continues to rule the
roost...while the vic walks on eggshells and caters to their ego.

Breaking free of the socio's stranglehold on
the vic's thinking, actions, and perspective is
necessary before the vic(s) can then take action
to distance themselves and escape the cycle of abuse.


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Narcissists Illustrated: Michael Lohan

Yeah...he really went there.

Hey, there are no boundaries or shame for
a rode-hard-put-up-wet, over the hill, raging,
selfish, drug addict loser who wins "Worst Parent Ever"
awards year after year.

Really, dude?
I guess this is supposed to be
"Mid-life Crisis/Active coke-head" chique?


Friday, May 31, 2013

'Grease' is The Word

"I consider myself less of a 'lying sack of shit' and
more of a consummate 'people pleaser.'"
Socios are successful because of one important tactic; telling  people
what they want to hear. Making them feel good so they're more easily to the socio's machinations.

A seemingly innocuous--and even desirable--helpful quality, if it
were more than a means to its own end. But it's the turning of the
worm with these folks.

Like all calculations, it's designed to fatten up the pig before
leading it to slaughter. To manipulate and draw in the target as
part of the machinations, long term and deliberate.

The more desirable and ebullient the socio makes themselves,
the more people desire to be in their trust them...
to want to be around them.

Whether the sociopath is sporting a lie or the absolute truth,
whether they believe the words falling out of their mouth or
disagree vehemently, it makes no difference. It's all about the
usage of words (or emotions or ideas) to create what's needed
for their ultimate plan.

And you can bet it doesn't involve the interests of anyone else.


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suited for the Part

One of the most basic parts of a sociopath is that they can
'read' and suss out people--figure what makes them work,
and thereby what will also motivate them and control them.

This skill makes them great assets in fields such as managing
political campaigns, controlling offices filled with workers
(peons), and running death camps.

They can also just as easily get high on power working in
community affairs, heading up committees and being coaches
for ball teams or being on boards. Because they're willing to
take on jobs no one else wants with such gusto, there is a
good bit of having their way with the rules, since others are
unwilling to step in and take over.

And power--however much or little it may be--is the true desire
of someone who already feels they deserve to be in control
of other human beings....and will say and do anything to
get in a position to use it.


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Drawn Badly

Anotherr trait of those of us drawn to (and targeted by)
a socio or narc is someone so scarred by past hurt that
we seek out (either consciously or subconsciously) the
affections of those not capable of giving them.

There is a safety in being drawn to the unattainable and
emotionally standoffish that our self-protection seeks out.


Friday, April 26, 2013

"Zero. Zero Fucks Given."

Kids who pretend to be Trayvon Martin,
dead on the a 'joke.'

Kids who witness--and participate in--rape
and then pass the film of said rape around
like a chain e-mail. And justify their actions.
And express outrage at being inconvenienced
by legal actions brought about by their evil.

Kids who spend more time desensitizing on a
p.c. than dealing with other humans.
Who relish the bloodthirsty actions of a
game, and watch deadly images endlessly
at a time when the judgement centers of their
brains haven't developed.

Harassment and bullying and deception
via social media tools. Playing with people's emotions,
'catfishing,' fake-flirting with lonely kids,
spreading rumors.

Thugs. Rapists. Connivers. Cheats.
Assailants. Murderers. Torturers.
Excessive and dangerous 'pranks.'

This is our culture, now; our new normal.

It's who we--en masse-- have become, even as the
polar  opposite facade of being
well-mannered and socially well-connected
is maintained.

This is how we live; A world of sick, duplicitous,
self-condoning, mercenary, shameless, excuse-
making, justify-my-shit-at-all-costs world of disgusting
liars and thieves.

Coddled endlessly, given access to
everything, exposed to all manner of depravity--and,
conversely, neglected and unsupervised by equally
self-absorbed care-givers who are not developing
and exhibiting nurturing, caring traits.

IN a world devoid of personal connection,
how could we expect any other result to


Monday, April 8, 2013

Just Rewards

"Strap yourself in, ya tired old bitch!
I've got Nine whole god damned

Circles in this fiery inferno to
give you the tour of!
Who knew conservative politics
was the wrong way to go!?!?"

Friday, April 5, 2013

Wheel Keeps on Spinning

The Wheel of Life
 People who say hopeful and blissful and meditative silly shit
like "Let's focus on the good in the world," and "Nobody's all
bad," or "so-and-so is just misunderstood," or "There's hope for
the human race," do NOT feel that way or say those things
because they really believe it or because it's true.

They say them because if we acknowledge in our inner self the
true sick, twisted, depraved, reprobate, decrepit nature of
this race of vulturous, duplicitous, sacks of shit we are, we'd all
be too god damned depressed and suicidal to go on or function.

And it's the ones who act the nicest or the most above-it-all
that you most have to watch out for. The inability to trust or
believe or have faith in those who are selling a positive image
that we believe in is some soul-devouring shit. So most keep
believing the lies even after they've been proven false.

We just so desperately need a beautiful lie, a false promise to
hold onto. Thieves, con men, sadists, crazy people; that's
what this world offers. But those guys are not the ones who
take you by surprise; mostly you see them coming. It's the ones
who smile and cajole and play the friend or show compassion
as a lover that gain special access to do the most damage.

And there's enough variety of insidious bullshit that you can live a
hundred years and not see all the many ways it hides and manifests
itself. Which is of course why people gloss over it...ignore it....
make light of it....and frame it as pardonable, insignificant, and
harmonious, changeable.

Cuz it sure as shit ain't...and that's a deal breaker.

Thursday, March 21, 2013


A sociopath
has the ability to
impress folks
with the idea of
being better than
two people...

while in truth
ending up being
only half a person.


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blood in the Water

"You like really like me!"
 The issue in dealing with sociopaths and narcissists can't merely
consist of being aware of them and avoiding them.

Those of us drawn to and drawn in by these folks have to recalibrate
our internal engines; there is typically something inherent in us that
brings the calculating trolls running to our doors.

Some of the traits that tend to belong to us, otherwise known as
'victims' or targets for the narcs and socios;

*People who need to be needed, who get a part of their needs met
by having a role or being of use to others

*People who are lonely or emotionally needy; who have done without
affection in the past

*People who have been abused or in abusive relationships (as we are
always more inclined to accept and overlook abuse; even, often, to
be drawn to it)

*People who have poor boundaries, who have not learned to stand up
for themselves

*People who have issues with codependency (wanting someone else
to make them feel complete, obsession with others, eternally lonely and
deferring to others)

*People who care more about others' feelings than their own (No, this
is NOT a positive attribute, despite what they drilled into you in Sunday

To truly combat against outside abuses, we have to be aware of our
inner landscape and make the necessary changes to reshape the parts
of us that are self geared for self-preservation.

It's entirely possible, and we are certainly worth the effort.
I made the necessary changes, and so can you.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sympathy for the Devil

Grown men as sniveling hurt victims
(Tip of the hat to fellow blogger Ben for the title! Check out his
blog "Sympathy for the Devil" in my faves!)

Sociopaths will engage in two tactics (or variations thereof) in
order to create a sympathetic persona for themselves. As always
the purpose is to manipulate others and draw them into the fold.

The first type of tactic is to completely invent a scenario that they
will attribute to themselves, one they will claim as a real happening
in their life. The bit of history (or current issue) will have such
excruciatingly detailed nuances that questioning its origins will
never occur to most.

Socios are master liars, but they will sometimes borrow from
works of fiction in order to maintain a plausible story. Hell, they
probably get an extra thrill from doing so as it would mean they
were pulling one over on someone even more because the mark
didn't pick up on a classic tale.

The second method of garnering people's affection is to take a
minor, insignificant (but real) experience from their past and play
it up as traumatic and heartbreaking. They use the tools they have
gathered from observing people with actual emotions and merge
them with the non-issue to manufacture a sense of gravitas for

All of this is designed to draw empathy from the people around
them, maybe help them to fit in a little more with this sympathetic
tale. It's all about the end game with these guys, and they're ever
planning its arrival. When we think people are hurting, we tend to
let down our guard and feel more at ease with them.

With a sociopath and narcissist, that's like inviting the vampire
into your home.


Monday, March 4, 2013

"Wha- happened?!?"

"Why is it my sociopath started out like a sad sack and
then this guy showed up out of nowhere?"

Socios employ a variety of tactics to snare their prey.
Many play the martyr--the long suffering hurt victim of
any number of things...bad marriage, a job that doesn't
appreciate them, a family that treats them badly, etc. 

This is to gain sympathy and tug on the heartstrings of
empathic and gullible, big-hearted people--the easiest
ones to trick. With a sad story, they can win over the
targets who want to care take of and help people.

It's part of their 'I'll be whoever you want me to be' strategy
that allows them to do whatever it takes. The only base
personality of a socio is a manipulative pathological liar.
They are essentially blank slates...empty vessels under
whatever ruse they use.

They can switch it on and off in a moment, to play victim
to one person, then walk across the room and play Big
Man to another, and then access another role to draw in
someone else. They can be a smooth operator who has
investors thinking they're a wheeler-dealer and a debonair
world traveller, or for the needy widow they become a
vulnerable guy who 'really just needs a loving touch.'

Once you see the beast, don't be fooled; That is the real deal.
Don't buy the arguments and pretenses.
Don't let your guard down again.

The monster is the real person and the 'needy soul' is the
trap they lay. You have not stumbled upon the first case
in history where the opposite is true. Quit lying to yourself.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Not Unusual

When you tell the truth about someone who's evil,
it's not a matter like in the movies where everyone
cheers and heads start nodding in affirmative approval.

The person you confront doesn't say "You're right," and
set about correcting the issues.

There are no apologies, no deep and burning turning
around of one's life because of the public embarrassment.
No introspection and curiosity about how to join a
commune and make restitution.

No, in Reality, confronted con men DENY.

They dig their heels in deeper on their stories.
They act as if the revealer is the immoral one, and they set
about destroying your reputation and relationships with new
elaborate lies and shadow campaigns.

They funnel their rage at being caught into undermining your
credibility and inventing more sweeping manipulations to
sucker people. Coming clean does not occur to them.

Exposure turns sociopaths and narcissists into trapped
beasts, and that leads to rabid crazy-making. (Yes, moreso
than usual.)

They make your truth-telling into a 'patently absurd attack' and
are then, 'rightfully' filled with righteous indignation, they resent
and blame and get bombastic. They bully and intimidate and
threaten. They put up such great appearances to continue and
recommit to their lies that people think you must surely be out
of your mind.

So be wary of trying to topple one....
Even what should be their defeat they can turn their way.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gin Wigmore - "Man Like That"

Nothing like a cautionary tale with a rocking beat and a happening video!


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Narcissists Illustrated: Lance Armstrong

A Sociopath's version of an apology is
"Why were you stupid enough
to believe what I told you?"
"Why aren't you smart enough to
doubt everyone and be suspicious?"
"You're the vulnerable and naive one;
I'm not responsible for how you respond
to my deeply deceptive machinations."
"You kind of asked to be abused
and taken advantage of, really."

But never,
Never will you hear
"I was wrong."
"I'm truly sorry."
"What can I do to make it up to you?"

The 'blame-the-victim'
'I'm so misunderstood'
rift is the closest these guys get
to (feigned) remorse, kids!


Friday, January 18, 2013


We are a nation of salesmen, liars, frauds, cons, cheats, and manipulators.
Lacking civility and integrity, it's every man for themselves... but with a cover story
of the 'great Christian nation' (so long as that will get you somewhere.)

A skewed sense of ego, expectation, nerve, bravado, and privilege;
the worst of the worst getting away with all manner of criminal pursuits
in between Cheshire cat photo ops and charity cover-ups.

The hubris of immoral thieves and dirt bags, loudly demanding and intimidating
with their thuggish tactics coupled with a disconnect from objective reality.
We are spawning sociopaths as our main export, and that's a short-term
'gain' that will definitely come back to bite us in the ass.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sell That Story!

Quickly, without forethought, answer the following;
Is this a picture of terrorism or collateral damage?

What's the difference in the two?
What you were told to think about it.

Just like our country's leaders  have the ability to
spin things and make their own reality out of life
(many a narcissist present in that group, surely)
so too is a socio masterfully manipulative in the way
they do a PR job on everyone in their radius.

No matter what's in front of your eyes, they
skillfully convince you to see what they wish.
There, there,...that's a good little sheep.

We have to learn to break the spell and
resist the charms; think for ourselves and not
be swayed by the propaganda.

Everybody's pushing a story...and
a story is just what it is.

When it looks dangerous and destructive,
why would you allow yourself to think
any other way about something?


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Science, Not a Mystery

A sociopathic personality is a fixed phenomenon.

They are a black hole masquerading as a
human being.

Beautiful in some respects, dark and 'mysterious-
seeming,' and ultimately nothing of note
more than destruction and danger.

They do not change their essence
simply because of perceptions or issues
of proximity, observers' ignorance, or
passage of time.

Scientifically knowable, absolute, to be
avoided at all costs. It can only be
what it was made to be. Respect that,
and stop disregarding its nature.

Fantasizing that you can put a leash on
a sociopath or expect sincerity--or that they
will change in any fashion--is the same as
thinking you can put a black hole in a
box and tame it.

You can't wish it different; and while you
are wishing, its only concern is ripping you apart.

You wouldn't have sympathy or empathy for
a deadly force of nature, would you?

So stop making excuses for and returning
to the abuse of a narcissist.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dastardly Bastards never see
themselves as the bad guys;
they're just unjustly vilified folks
who are misunderstood.

Don't let their lack of remorse
or conscience fool you
to the facts of their deeds.