Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Not Unusual

When you tell the truth about someone who's evil,
it's not a matter like in the movies where everyone
cheers and heads start nodding in affirmative approval.

The person you confront doesn't say "You're right," and
set about correcting the issues.

There are no apologies, no deep and burning turning
around of one's life because of the public embarrassment.
No introspection and curiosity about how to join a
commune and make restitution.

No, in Reality, confronted con men DENY.

They dig their heels in deeper on their stories.
They act as if the revealer is the immoral one, and they set
about destroying your reputation and relationships with new
elaborate lies and shadow campaigns.

They funnel their rage at being caught into undermining your
credibility and inventing more sweeping manipulations to
sucker people. Coming clean does not occur to them.

Exposure turns sociopaths and narcissists into trapped
beasts, and that leads to rabid crazy-making. (Yes, moreso
than usual.)

They make your truth-telling into a 'patently absurd attack' and
are then, 'rightfully' filled with righteous indignation, they resent
and blame and get bombastic. They bully and intimidate and
threaten. They put up such great appearances to continue and
recommit to their lies that people think you must surely be out
of your mind.

So be wary of trying to topple one....
Even what should be their defeat they can turn their way.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gin Wigmore - "Man Like That"

Nothing like a cautionary tale with a rocking beat and a happening video!