Thursday, January 24, 2013

Narcissists Illustrated: Lance Armstrong

A Sociopath's version of an apology is
"Why were you stupid enough
to believe what I told you?"
"Why aren't you smart enough to
doubt everyone and be suspicious?"
"You're the vulnerable and naive one;
I'm not responsible for how you respond
to my deeply deceptive machinations."
"You kind of asked to be abused
and taken advantage of, really."

But never,
Never will you hear
"I was wrong."
"I'm truly sorry."
"What can I do to make it up to you?"

The 'blame-the-victim'
'I'm so misunderstood'
rift is the closest these guys get
to (feigned) remorse, kids!


Friday, January 18, 2013


We are a nation of salesmen, liars, frauds, cons, cheats, and manipulators.
Lacking civility and integrity, it's every man for themselves... but with a cover story
of the 'great Christian nation' (so long as that will get you somewhere.)

A skewed sense of ego, expectation, nerve, bravado, and privilege;
the worst of the worst getting away with all manner of criminal pursuits
in between Cheshire cat photo ops and charity cover-ups.

The hubris of immoral thieves and dirt bags, loudly demanding and intimidating
with their thuggish tactics coupled with a disconnect from objective reality.
We are spawning sociopaths as our main export, and that's a short-term
'gain' that will definitely come back to bite us in the ass.


Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sell That Story!

Quickly, without forethought, answer the following;
Is this a picture of terrorism or collateral damage?

What's the difference in the two?
What you were told to think about it.

Just like our country's leaders  have the ability to
spin things and make their own reality out of life
(many a narcissist present in that group, surely)
so too is a socio masterfully manipulative in the way
they do a PR job on everyone in their radius.

No matter what's in front of your eyes, they
skillfully convince you to see what they wish.
There, there,...that's a good little sheep.

We have to learn to break the spell and
resist the charms; think for ourselves and not
be swayed by the propaganda.

Everybody's pushing a story...and
a story is just what it is.

When it looks dangerous and destructive,
why would you allow yourself to think
any other way about something?


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Science, Not a Mystery

A sociopathic personality is a fixed phenomenon.

They are a black hole masquerading as a
human being.

Beautiful in some respects, dark and 'mysterious-
seeming,' and ultimately nothing of note
more than destruction and danger.

They do not change their essence
simply because of perceptions or issues
of proximity, observers' ignorance, or
passage of time.

Scientifically knowable, absolute, to be
avoided at all costs. It can only be
what it was made to be. Respect that,
and stop disregarding its nature.

Fantasizing that you can put a leash on
a sociopath or expect sincerity--or that they
will change in any fashion--is the same as
thinking you can put a black hole in a
box and tame it.

You can't wish it different; and while you
are wishing, its only concern is ripping you apart.

You wouldn't have sympathy or empathy for
a deadly force of nature, would you?

So stop making excuses for and returning
to the abuse of a narcissist.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Dastardly Bastards never see
themselves as the bad guys;
they're just unjustly vilified folks
who are misunderstood.

Don't let their lack of remorse
or conscience fool you
to the facts of their deeds.