Monday, December 31, 2012

"Never Gonna Give You Up"

"At first he was all like...

and then he was like...."

Mind-fucking is the name of the game
with a sociopath.

Causing emotional pain, getting folks
to let their guard down, playing
passive-aggressive games to mess with
a person's head--that's all the ultimate
high for a career pathological dickhead.

They don't change; it's the grandest of
addictions to control and hold power
over other people. It's a persuasion and
a desire like no other for them.

Pretending they've turned over a new leaf
to get you to trust them (or to have
'closure') is just a new web they're spinning.

And since there's never an end to
the number of people they can target, they
don't fear getting lonely.

There's no cure for a predator.

Your love will not set them free.

Don't be the 'dumb bitch' in the movie
who goes back into the house to see
if the monster's still there.

Just pick yourself up, and...