Friday, April 26, 2013

"Zero. Zero Fucks Given."

Kids who pretend to be Trayvon Martin,
dead on the a 'joke.'

Kids who witness--and participate in--rape
and then pass the film of said rape around
like a chain e-mail. And justify their actions.
And express outrage at being inconvenienced
by legal actions brought about by their evil.

Kids who spend more time desensitizing on a
p.c. than dealing with other humans.
Who relish the bloodthirsty actions of a
game, and watch deadly images endlessly
at a time when the judgement centers of their
brains haven't developed.

Harassment and bullying and deception
via social media tools. Playing with people's emotions,
'catfishing,' fake-flirting with lonely kids,
spreading rumors.

Thugs. Rapists. Connivers. Cheats.
Assailants. Murderers. Torturers.
Excessive and dangerous 'pranks.'

This is our culture, now; our new normal.

It's who we--en masse-- have become, even as the
polar  opposite facade of being
well-mannered and socially well-connected
is maintained.

This is how we live; A world of sick, duplicitous,
self-condoning, mercenary, shameless, excuse-
making, justify-my-shit-at-all-costs world of disgusting
liars and thieves.

Coddled endlessly, given access to
everything, exposed to all manner of depravity--and,
conversely, neglected and unsupervised by equally
self-absorbed care-givers who are not developing
and exhibiting nurturing, caring traits.

IN a world devoid of personal connection,
how could we expect any other result to


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