Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suited for the Part

One of the most basic parts of a sociopath is that they can
'read' and suss out people--figure what makes them work,
and thereby what will also motivate them and control them.

This skill makes them great assets in fields such as managing
political campaigns, controlling offices filled with workers
(peons), and running death camps.

They can also just as easily get high on power working in
community affairs, heading up committees and being coaches
for ball teams or being on boards. Because they're willing to
take on jobs no one else wants with such gusto, there is a
good bit of having their way with the rules, since others are
unwilling to step in and take over.

And power--however much or little it may be--is the true desire
of someone who already feels they deserve to be in control
of other human beings....and will say and do anything to
get in a position to use it.


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