Friday, May 31, 2013

'Grease' is The Word

"I consider myself less of a 'lying sack of shit' and
more of a consummate 'people pleaser.'"
Socios are successful because of one important tactic; telling  people
what they want to hear. Making them feel good so they're more easily to the socio's machinations.

A seemingly innocuous--and even desirable--helpful quality, if it
were more than a means to its own end. But it's the turning of the
worm with these folks.

Like all calculations, it's designed to fatten up the pig before
leading it to slaughter. To manipulate and draw in the target as
part of the machinations, long term and deliberate.

The more desirable and ebullient the socio makes themselves,
the more people desire to be in their trust them...
to want to be around them.

Whether the sociopath is sporting a lie or the absolute truth,
whether they believe the words falling out of their mouth or
disagree vehemently, it makes no difference. It's all about the
usage of words (or emotions or ideas) to create what's needed
for their ultimate plan.

And you can bet it doesn't involve the interests of anyone else.


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