Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Perfect Fit

Sociopaths tend towards spousal and child abuse (when they
have set their sights on long-term relationships.) Since their own
needs reign supreme, they have no interest in the needs of
others, making the escalation to emotional and physical abuse
an easy one.

They're unaware of and unconcerned with others, and they can
justify their own actions at every turn.

And, after having committed an act of abuse, they utilize the victim's
own codependency--which they depended on to manipulate their
vic into a vulnerable position to begin with--to convince them that
they were to blame!

The predator convinces his/her vic that the socio's needs trump the
pain and hurt of the victim. The sense of superiority and deservedness
of the sociopath is reestablished, and the socio continues to rule the
roost...while the vic walks on eggshells and caters to their ego.

Breaking free of the socio's stranglehold on
the vic's thinking, actions, and perspective is
necessary before the vic(s) can then take action
to distance themselves and escape the cycle of abuse.


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